50 Creative and Fun things to do in Summer

50 Creative and Fun things to do in Summer

During the summer it is so easy to say, “I have nothing to do!” No more excuses-here is a list of 50 things to do before summer ends!

1. Gather up a few friends/family, and have a picnic in the park or out of the city. Have a barbecue.

2. Go on a walk take your camera and take pictures of trees, flowers, animals, etc.

3. Make homemade Ice Cream.

4. Say I love you to someone who you really love.

5. Go camping in the nature! Sleep under the stars.

6. Clean your room, house or apartment!

7. Bake some cookies, cupcakes or desserts and deliver them to friends and family.

8. Play some childhood games, fly a kite. Play with some little baby.

9. Take your dog for a walk in the park.(if you don’t have one, borrow someone else’s!)

10. Call to a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. Reconnect with your old friends.

11. Take a Road. Go to a place you’ve always wanted to visit in your area. Explore a New City. Visit another country.

12. Look through old family scrapbooks, photo books, and yearbooks.

13. Spend some cash on random things.

14. Go to cinema and watch some summer blockbuster. Go to a theatre.

15. Go window-shopping with a friend. Buy some new summer clothes. Hack up an old pair of jeans into shorts.

16. Write a poem, script, or some story. Start a diary and write in it everyday.

17. Make fresh, homemade fruit juice.

18. Go to a night party.

19. Trip to the Zoo.

20. Go to a concert of music band.

22. Keep a secret. Share a secret.

23. Plant flowers and trees in your yard.

24. Go to a gym. Go for a run in the morning. Go for a bike ride or roller-skating.

25. Lie around in the grass with your sunglasses & a pair of headphones on.

26. Make a mixed CD of your favorite songs and title it “The soundtrack of my life”.

27. Go to the sea/ocean and swim, build a sand-castle, take a walk on the beach, take a boat ride..

28. Go to a pool with friends. Jump in the pool with your clothes on.

29. Do something that your parents or friends disapprove of.

30. Read a book.

31. Get a massage or spa procedure.

32. Get a job or an internship.

33. Go Fishing, bowling, billiard, go play tennis, football, volleyball, badminton…

34. Enjoy the summer rain. Dance in the rain.

35. Draw a picture or self portrait.

36. Make a collage out of old magazines, photos and pictures.

37. Kiss someone new. Fall in love…

38. Go to a museum.

39. Go out for lunch/dinner with one of parents/friends.

40. Go to a circus or amusement park.

41. Explore a new area — even if it’s just another neighborhood. Visit the tourist attractions in your own city.

42. Flirt with someone.

43. Get to know someone random. Make at least one new friend.

44. Eat a lot of fruits.

45. Drink fresh cocktails and listen your favorite music.

46. Invite friends over and have party.

47. Learn how to define and spell 5 new words from the dictionary. Learn some words in another language.

48. Take lots of photos of you & your friends enjoying the sun weather.

49. Dance. Wear something totally inappropriate & go dancing.

50. Stop procrastinating. Do something for yourself!

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