Is It Love Or Infatuation?

Is It Love Or Infatuation?

What is this feeling called “love” that everybody so desperately wants to experience? Many times, a girl likes a guy because he is handsome. This kind of romantic and dreamy ideology, where the girl is waiting for her Prince Charming, is not love. Such a feeling is called infatuation, and there is a huge difference between infatuation and love. It is very difficult to judge whether you are infatuated or in love. To analyze if your feelings for a person are due to infatuation or it is love, it is a must that you should know what exactly love and infatuation mean and the difference between them.

To begin with, infatuation is nothing but an instant desire or passion. Usually the desire is physical. It is a feeling where only desires are affected, not your innermost emotions. Secondly, a person ‘gets’ infatuated but ‘falls’ in love. If you have ever thought of fainting at the sight of an attractive guy, then it is infatuation. It is basically a physical attraction. Often, when you are infatuated by a guy, you hardly know anything about him. When you are infatuated, you have a feeling of insecurity.

When you are in love, there is no such feeling as jealousy, envy or insecurity. In fact, love is an unconventional relationship. It does not have any physical or materialistic bonds. Physical attraction has hardly any importance in love. You fall in love only when your characteristics and the wave length and thoughts of the person whom you love match.

Selfishness and jealousy are the foundation stones of infatuation. Infatuation is more concerned about satisfying you and your feelings than satisfying the other person and his feelings. You turn out to be anxious when your desires are not fulfilled. You also feel jealous when a person with whom you’re infatuated spends more time with someone else than spending time with you. This becomes the root cause for distrust and disrespect in the other person, which eventually causes mental disturbance and a crack in the relationship. The feeling of jealousy may also result in the downfall of your career and life.

On the other hand, true love is selfless and its basic element is trust. When you are in love, you value the desires of the person whom you love more than yours. This eventually becomes a source of support and motivation, which helps your lover to be successful in achieving his goals. It also builds up a sense of respect for each other and mutual trust. When there is complete trust and selflessness, the relationship becomes stronger.

Infatuation fades day by day while love is strengthened by time. Love makes you interested in the other person. It seeks to offer than to obtain. Love always looks out for the betterment of the other person. Infatuation is weakened by separation, while love becomes more powerful upon separation. But this doesn’t mean that you are not hurt when you are separated from the person whom you love. When in love, the feelings for your love are intensified when separated and this is how it becomes more powerful.

It is not that infatuation is a totally bad phase of life. It can serve as the first step towards love and may even bless you with a relationship of a lifetime. Who knows, the guy you were infatuated by may turn out to be your better half later?